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To fill up the common need of having standard hinged doors at site next day, we are ready to help.

We have decided to keep on stock standard door with clear opening 900x200(H)mm. By giving us the way of opening and the address you can have those doors delivered next day. We will handel everything else. Why, if we are not the produced, you should buy from us?

By the way that we are able to deliver the doors next day, thanks to our direct massive order from the producer. We are able to offer much competitive price to our customer than they could have from the producer..

For us unlike for the producers, every customer is very important. Even a single order, a small customer gives us a possibility to show the best possible service in the business.

Large experience

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Thanks to our experience, we are not only able to offer proper solution. We know which kind of problem you might face and how to prevent them.

Minimum time of response

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We asure that any of your need would be faced in the shortest possible time. We care that any documents or delivery itself would be done very fast.

Consultation with producers

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All our knowledge is based and approved by the top producers on the market.

Lower the costs

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We not only know how to save your money due to really fast response, but also becasue we use high quality products.